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PRAISE FOR The Pink Suit

“Nicole Mary Kelby has stitched together from scraps of facts a compelling novel, a lovable heroine, and a living neighborhood in its last few moments of innocence—all against the backdrop of national tragedy. From its startling opening to its poignant ending, The Pink Suit shows us that behind events of global significance, there are unknown individuals worthy of our interest.” —Susan Vreeland, author of Clara and Mr. Tiffany, and Girl in Hyacinth Blue

“The Pink Suit is a rare work, fascinating and beautifully crafted. Nicole Mary Kelby’s sensuous prose is as opulent as the couture she describes.” —Jennifer Chiaverini, author of Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker

Dressed in a pink suit, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy accompanies her husband to Dallas on November 22, 1963. Reported to be the president’s favorite, the Chanel-style suit is actually an authorized line-by-line replica made in 1961 by Chez Ninon, a New York couture house. There, surrounded by the glamour and excess of 1960s fashion, a young seamstress named Kate meticulously crafts the First Lady’s memorable clothing, including the iconic pink suit. A compelling story of fashion and a young woman living in America at one of the most transformative moments in the nation’s history, THE PINK SUIT by Nicole Mary Kelby (Little, Brown and Company; April 29, 2014) is a remarkable novel based on the true story behind Jacqueline Kennedy’s unforgettable outfit.

With Downton Abbey glamour and Mad Men style, THE PINK SUIT is an unforgettable story about a young immigrant with extraordinary access to glamour and fashion who must learn to navigate 1960s New York and come to terms with a national tragedy. With her previous novels, Kelby has earned a reputation for stunning prose and richly human characters, and this novel shows her talents at their absolute best. Instantly relatable and deeply poignant, THE PINK SUIT is Kelby’s most accessible novel yet, and we are confident that it will elevate this immensely talented, critically adored writer to a new level of readership. (Purchase)

Nicole Mary Kelby_THE PINK SUIT_Credit Ann MarsdenNicole M. Kelby is the author of several critically acclaimed novels, including White Truffles in Winter and In the Company of Angels. Her work has won numerous awards, including a Gold Medal in Fiction from the Florida Book Award. She has been the recipient of a Bush Artist Fellowship in Literature, an NEA Inter-Arts grant, and the Heekin Group Foundation’s James Fellowship for the Novel. Named “Outstanding Southern Artist” by the Southern Arts Federation, Kelby will be in residence at Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh, Ireland, and will serve as Guest Lecturer at the University College Cork in Ireland in 2014. For more information about Nicole M. Kelby, visit: (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Photo credit: Ann Marsden

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