Paris, by Barbara Redmond

Paris, by Barbara Redmond

A woman, in order to know what is her due and what her power is, must live in Paris for six months. —Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French, statesman, and military strategist, letter, 1795.

A Woman’s Paris® transports our viewers from place to place by experiencing the magical, mysterious, elegant, interior and particular pleasure that is Paris, and France.

Our viewers prize adventure. Full of vitality in dressing, tasting, traveling, seeing, and touching, A Woman’s Paris viewers believe in all that a French aesthetic has to offer as an attitude—and as a way of life.

Our reader believes that discovering an individual style is a continuous process, and that Paris and France provides the perfect backdrop upon which to cast our various selves. It is the place to be at once smart and rebellious, curious and insouciant, sophisticated and fearless.

• The purpose of A Woman’s Paris is to discover elegance, culture and joie de vivre through sharing our individual experiences with style, food, culture and travel.

• The business of A Woman’s Paris is to share what we have discovered with others, whether they are planning a holiday or just want to enjoy their memories at home, through our online publication and Paris-themed products.

• The values of A Woman’s Paris are to inspire our viewers to assert their individuality, nourish their creativity, and discover their personal style through our stories, art, and products. We hope that our viewers will infuse their everyday lives with the spirit of adventure.


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