Announcing a unique opportunity for friends of A Woman’s Paris®. Expand your art collection with memorable places in Paris, one of the top visited cities in the world. Original Watercolor Paintings of Paris by Barbara Redmond are available for purchase at $65.00 U.S. dollars. Free shipping within the continental U.S.; allow 5-7 days. For information contact: Barbara Redmond at 1 (612) 669-1331 or

Printed on 100 percent cotton archival paper. Each print is signed and dated. Image size 8.5×11″; paper size 11×14″. Artwork subject to availability. ©Barbara Redmond. All rights reserved.



Paris by Barbara Redmond


2010-1er_Pont du Carrousel-WM cropped 366x283
Pont du Carrousel #2010



2009-Paris-WM cropped 366x283






Paris #2009



2017-1er_Place Colett-WM cropped 366x283





Place Colette #2017 (sold out)

2011-1er_Musee du Louvre-Gates-WM cropped 366x283








Musée du Louvre #2011



2013-1er_Place Vendome-WM cropped 366x283





Place Vendôme #2013



2014-1er_Rue St Honore-WM cropped 366x283






Rue Saint-Honoré #2014



2012-1er_Rue de Rivoli-West-WM cropped 366x283





Rue de Rivoli #2012



2006-1er_Chanel Apt-Ritz-WM cropped 366x283






Chanel Apartment #2006 (sold out)







2015-1er_Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel-WM cropped 283x366
Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel #2015









2016-1er_Jardin des Tuileries-WM cropped 283x366
Jardin des Tuileries #2016









2028-1er_Angelina-Interior-WM cropped 283x366
Angelina #2028 (sold out)









2030-1er_Cafe Marly-WM cropped 283x366
Café Marly #2030 (sold out)









2022-1er_Ritz-Espadon_WM cropped 283x366
Ritz L’Espadon #2022 (sold out)









2002-1er_Chanel Boutique-WM cropped 283x366
Chanel, Rue Cambon #2002 (sold out)









2029-1er_Didier Ludot-Exterior-WM cropped 283x366
Little Black Dress #2029 (sold out)









2018-1er_Palais Royal-WM cropped 283x366
Palais Royal #2018









Menton #7_0001 no sig cropped 283x366


French Riviera #0001









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